About Labor Hub

Labor Hub is a partnership between Advantage Labs and the Labor Education Service of the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota.

Advantage Labs

Advantage Labs is a small consulting firm that helps nonprofits and small businesses tackle the big challenges of online community.  As online strategists and contributing experts for the Drupal CMS, we've learned a lot along the way, and we're happy to share our knowledge.

We are a highly-technical development firm.  We contribute and support dozens of Drupal modules and provide training, support, and managed hosting for small and large Drupal projects.  We share what we learn from our experiences by fostering community through local user groups and with the community, and we work with the community to inform development goals and solutions.

Advantage Labs provides powerful online community tools and the support and training necessary to utilize these tools to extend the resources organizations and businesses already have.  Our priority is to sustain these tools by leveraging open source development practices.  To date, we have contributed over 20 modules, and despite our small size, are one of the most actively-contributing Drupal firms in the world. The core of our business model, a managed Drupal distribution, is freely available on our SVN repository.

We don't call this "giving back", we call this "strengthening the resources we depend on."

John See, Labor Hub web project coordinator

John See is a member of the outreach staff at the University of Minnesota's Labor Education Service. John has worked 22 years with LES as video producer; computer/internet instructor; Member IATSE Local 219, Associate member Minnesota Newspaper Guild and Typographical Union; CWA Local 7200; Producer/Host, Minnesota At Work; Webmaster, Workday Minnesota.