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The Whole Dealy-O
The Whole Dealy-O

Description of Services

Website with core functionality

Advantage Labs will configure a website installation for the Customer with standard and custom features including:

  • Graphical event calendar with ability to add events manually and automatically

  • Integration of social networking tools: Twitter, Facebook, Plaxo links

  • Photo galleries

  • Site content search form

  • Ability to add links to particulars like locals, training centers, external sites

  • Site statistics and user tracking: Google analytics and site stats

  • Online polls, 5-star voting (on content)

  • Printer-friendly pages

  • Contact forms

  • Ability to highlight a featured event or other content on front and other pages

  • Ability to add specifically formatted content including Events, Images, Image Galleries, News, Comments

  • Ability to create new content types, as needed and advised, without custom programming

  • Ability to add video content

  • “Send a friend” feature enabling users to email HTML messages utilizing same colors and format as the site’s graphic theme

  • Online integrated user’s manual for internal use

  • Site design template.

  • The initial cost includes a design template, which allows the Customer to choose a color scheme and add organization-specific photos, logos, and slideshows.

Customization and consultation.

The initial cost includes 10 hours of site-customization consulting. This can be used for:

  • Additional site theming (graphical “look and feel” changes)

  • Configuring, adding or custom-creating features not included in the website installation

  • Consultation on additional work or features

Managed website hosting

Advantage Labs will:

  • Host and maintain the website

  • Update and upgrade Drupal, the underlying content management framework, and the included contributed modules and features

  • Provide additional features and functionality as new development work on the Labor Hub becomes useful to participating sites

  • Provide the Customer access to Advantage Labs online project management system to enter and track support requests

  • Respond to Customer support requests submitted via the online project management system as described at which defines turnaround times and includes an explanation of how to submit requests.

Items not included

Custom design

If the Customer desires customization or design work beyond the template provided with the website installation, they may contract with any designer familiar with the Drupal content management system. Advantage Labs can provide these services at current consulting rates.

Custom features

Any features not included in Section A may require custom consulting or development. If this development exceeds the hours allotment included with this project, additional charges may apply. Advantage Labs can work with you to determine a cost estimate and timeline.

Content creation and management

The website installation includes a framework for adding and displaying site content. The Customer is expected to provide and enter all of their own content in preparation for site launch and maintain all content changes thereafter. Content includes text, news items, images, video, and contact information.


Training on content creation and content management is the responsibility of the Labor Hub web project coordinator, currently John See. Consult John See for details on training and other services related to site launch preparation and ongoing site management.

As a supplement to the Labor Hub website project services, Advantage Labs provides workshops and classes on a variety of web and marketing-related topics. These workshops are discounted for hosting clients.

Costs and payment schedule

Cost summary




Initial cost

Website installation


Site customization consulting

10 hours

Included in initial cost

Monthly site hosting charge

Includes security patches, updates and upgrades


Reduced rate 5-hour consulting block package for customization, support, programming or training projects

Up to 4 5-hour blocks per year

$500 (per 5-hour block)

Payment schedule

Initial cost

50% of the initial cost will be invoiced and due in advance. The remaining 50% will be invoiced and due upon launch of the site.

Monthly hosting charge

The site monthly hosting charge will begin the 1st day of the 1st month following the date of the site launch. Invoices are delivered on the 1st of each month, payable upon receipt, according to the terms outlined in Section B (CHARGES, EXPENSES AND PAYMENT) of the preceding Master Services Agreement above.

Rates for additional consulting work

Estimates for requested additional consulting work will be determined in advance and agreed upon by the Customer and Advantage Labs. Our current consulting rates are:

  • $125 per hour for Drupal configuration, support, training and design work

  • $175 per hour for custom programming work